Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Christmas Mantel

I just added two trees to the hearth - more pictures coming soon!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Semi - Homemade Ornaments

The ornaments below were store bought... pack of 18 for $2.5o. I saw others in the aisle that had many different embellishments. Instead of paying more for them, I strolled over to the craft aisle and spotted a silver paint pen. I was tempted to get a glitter pen, but wasn't sure if it would stick. I also considered tacky glue and glitter, but a paint pen is much less mess. I tried to do stripes, but it's hard because they are round... I found that it was easiest to decorate them in the package instead of trying to hold them. I hope you enjoy the idea. You will see them in my next post!

A Taggie you're it!

I tried my first attempt at a Taggie (Small Blanket for a baby with ribbons along the edges). After a long day at Church decorating for Christmas I was in a crafting mood. When I got home I learned that our niece Grace wasn't feeling well... perfect time to make her a taggie. I started going through the remnant pieces of fabric and ribbon. I decided on the ribbon and material and lined it up in order with 4 pieces for each side. I think the blanket is 20'' x 14''... but I never measure anything... I turned the fabric inside out like you would sew a pillow. Then added the ribbon inside every few inches. You can see this step above This is a picture to illustrate the ribbon being inserted before sewing that side shut. I sewed almost all 4 sides, but left 2 ribbons out as I turned it the right way. Then I turned the last edge in and added the last 2 ribbons with a small straight stitch. Grace loved it! The bright pink fleece and pink and white polka dot were just what the doctor ordered :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Polka Dot Pumpkin Project

1. Get a pumpkin and something under it... 2. Cut out circles of contact paper. Stick the dots all over the pumpkin... 3. Spray paint the pumpkin... and wait till it's dry to remove them... 4. Voila.. a polka dot pumpkin!

New Shades

I have had these shades for months. I found them on sale at JCPenney on their daily deals - it's a different extreme value each day. I was able to get these roman shades for $14.99/ each. I got the white panels for $9.99 each. They are thermal backed too!

Why have all the projects & posts gone away?

See how the wall is coming with the paper... eeehhhh!!!!!! Doesn't that look like a torture device... not a toilet paper holder? One of the many layers of wallpaper... That is a great question... I'm in over my HEAD!!! This disastrous bathroom has really got me down. I just keep the door closed... it's gross and I'm so frustrated with getting the wallpaper off. Here are some pictures of my worst project yet... I've used scorching hot water with fabric softener, but when the original owners never primed or sized the walls before applying paper it doesn't matter - the drywall comes off!!! I'm going to have to sand, fill and sand, then prime, then paint these wall. Well I hope I don't have to do it all myself... hint hint Kolin :) We hope to have this project finished around Thanksgiving. We have everything bought for it. I need to decide on the wall color - what will match the peach?? I think I'm just going to continue to cover the bathtub with a curtain. No one will ever really use that bathroom shower anyway. Any color ideas please pass them on. Our To Do List:
  • Remove wallpaper and treat and paint walls
  • Install new floating ceiling
  • Install new floor (same as upstairs bathroom)
  • New trim - baseboard and door
  • Install new toilet and pedestal sink
  • Install new light fixture
  • Hang mirror and towel bars
  • DONE!