Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Taggie you're it!

I tried my first attempt at a Taggie (Small Blanket for a baby with ribbons along the edges). After a long day at Church decorating for Christmas I was in a crafting mood. When I got home I learned that our niece Grace wasn't feeling well... perfect time to make her a taggie. I started going through the remnant pieces of fabric and ribbon. I decided on the ribbon and material and lined it up in order with 4 pieces for each side. I think the blanket is 20'' x 14''... but I never measure anything... I turned the fabric inside out like you would sew a pillow. Then added the ribbon inside every few inches. You can see this step above This is a picture to illustrate the ribbon being inserted before sewing that side shut. I sewed almost all 4 sides, but left 2 ribbons out as I turned it the right way. Then I turned the last edge in and added the last 2 ribbons with a small straight stitch. Grace loved it! The bright pink fleece and pink and white polka dot were just what the doctor ordered :)

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