Thursday, November 12, 2009

Why have all the projects & posts gone away?

See how the wall is coming with the paper... eeehhhh!!!!!! Doesn't that look like a torture device... not a toilet paper holder? One of the many layers of wallpaper... That is a great question... I'm in over my HEAD!!! This disastrous bathroom has really got me down. I just keep the door closed... it's gross and I'm so frustrated with getting the wallpaper off. Here are some pictures of my worst project yet... I've used scorching hot water with fabric softener, but when the original owners never primed or sized the walls before applying paper it doesn't matter - the drywall comes off!!! I'm going to have to sand, fill and sand, then prime, then paint these wall. Well I hope I don't have to do it all myself... hint hint Kolin :) We hope to have this project finished around Thanksgiving. We have everything bought for it. I need to decide on the wall color - what will match the peach?? I think I'm just going to continue to cover the bathtub with a curtain. No one will ever really use that bathroom shower anyway. Any color ideas please pass them on. Our To Do List:
  • Remove wallpaper and treat and paint walls
  • Install new floating ceiling
  • Install new floor (same as upstairs bathroom)
  • New trim - baseboard and door
  • Install new toilet and pedestal sink
  • Install new light fixture
  • Hang mirror and towel bars
  • DONE!

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