Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall Floral

I was at Hobby Lobby last weekend and found this gorgeous pot. Then I quickly realized that I had nothing to put in it. I thought about a house plant, but I think I might kill it. I have 2 in my office and with as much time as I spend there you would think I could water them... well I forget and someone without fail asks if they can water it for me. Oh well, I think the fake ones are just fine! Of course I got everything for 50% off. One of the stems that is kind of blue berries out the left side was only $1.36. I made this entire arrangement with the pot and filling for $25. Oh, here's a tip: don't buy floral green blocks (I don't know the correct name because I never buy them). I use left over styrofoam from packaging. I just love having a pretty arrangement to look at as I lay on the couch!

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