Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another Bathroom Update

Friday night was paint night! There is much more to this story... First I thought about using the FREE Gliddon paint (remember that promotion?), but when I opened both cans they were hard as a rock. Moving on to the backup plan. You guessed it, cheap mistints. I found a can of neutral paint for $6 at Walmart a few weeks ago. I figured I could use it eventually. I'm glad I had it because there is nothing worse than being ready to start a project without the right tools.

What do you think about the color? I think it's better than the gray I was planning on. This blends better with the peachy/ tan bathtub. The tub will be covered anyway... no budget for this one to be repainted now.

This Saturday was a HUGE day in the bathroom. The ceiling was finished... except for 2 tiles. Ooops, we didn't buy enough. That is one disadvantage of living 35 minutes from Home Depot. The tiles will have to wait until the next trip. The ceiling looks beautiful. Did I just say that? Never thought I would say that about a drop ceiling, but it was our only option. I'm glad we replaced instead of repaired or just changed out the tiles.

What do you think about the wainscotting? We have to caulk the seams and paint. I still need to pickout the top molding. We have the baseboard and door trim. That's the next step.

I never finished telling you about the floor. I finished that earlier this week. I finished cutting it and then grouted it. It's much easier dealing with the grout when the bathtub works. Now for cleaning out the sandy grout from the tub - next weekend's project.

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