Sunday, February 21, 2010

60th Birthday Cupcakes

We just celebrated my handyman's 60th birthday. For his party I made some special chocolate cupcakes. The recipe was inspired by a recipe in the new Pampered Chef Desserts Cookbook coming out this spring. The cupcakes have a truffle in the center. After you back the chocolate cupcakes, take the kitchen sheers and cut an "X" in the top. Push the truffle in the center so it melts to a gooey center. I topped these with Cream Cheese Icing. I only had 12 truffles, so 12 other cupcakes didn't have a filling.
I used the shaker to sprinkle cocoa on the top of the cupcakes that had a truffle inside.
Many other versions are possible: caramel, rolo, chocolate covered espresso beans, jelly/ jam, etc...

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