Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bathroom Update

I hope you are as excited as I am to get this bathroom finished. Well it's coming along. Here's a little update:

The ceiling is out... but there was even more wallpaper above the drop ceiling. We have to install a new drop ceiling because of the HVAC and plumbing above. You can see the new track along the wall being installed.

I'm keeping this tub the same neutral peach color... I'm cheap and a shower curtain will hide it - I HOPE!!

You can see the lower half of the wall that was damaged pretty badly. We decided to put wainscotting up to hide the imperfections. The picture below is where the toilet and pedastal sink will be installed.

This is the flooring I'm installing. It's the same as the other bathroom, but a different pattern. I'm installing it in a zig-zag, so the seams don't meet.

I hope to have another update once the floor, walls and ceiling are finished. Who knows what color I'll choose!

**I was at Walmart last week and found a mistint that might work. I can't pass up a gallon of good paint for $6.00.

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  1. It seems that you have some work to do...

    Best of luck!