Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thrift Store Run

I had taken a break from the thrift store, mainly because they hadn't had many new donations. I have been waiting for the weather to get warm and people to get motivated to donate again. Our local thrift store is directly related to our local hospital-- so I feel pretty good about donating and buying knowing that I am helping a good cause. I save money and donate to charity all at the same time. Don't get your hopes up... I had this shelf, but it needed to be painted white to be hung in the gray bedroom. It was just in the basement for my spray paint party on Sunday. On to what I found at the thrift store... a picture with a frame ($6) and a lamp ($4.50). I forgot to take a picture of the beautiful painting (insert sarcasm) that was in the frame. I have been looking for a large frame to paint white and put a chalkboard inside to mount on the kitchen wall. This project is to be continued... This is the frame... more closeup pictures to come. The lamp... just the height I was looking for, but it needs spray paint. I was just going to do black, but I was out. Can you believe I ran out of black spray paint? I used the bronzed metallic spray I used on the kitchen cabinet knobs. Always remember to tape off the electronics before spraying. What do you think? Pretty good for a $4.50 lamp.

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