Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Do you like my blog?

I'm so glad you have stopped by my blog and enjoyed seeing what I've been up to. I am often asked what my blog site is. I want to help those of you that are interested in keeping tabs on what I'm up to. You can see I have "followers" on the right side of my blog. Here's how you can follow me and visit my blog easily:

What is Following? Do you have a favorite blog and want to let the author and readers know that you are a fan? Well now you can do that and more with the Blogger Following feature! You can even keep track of the blogs you follow via your Reading list on the Blogger dashboard.

How do I become a Follower of a blog?

There are several ways to become a follower of a blog. One of the easiest ways is to visit a blog that has added the Following widget and (1) click on the "Follow" button under the "Followers" widget.

You'll then see a (2) popup window with the options to either follow publicly or privately.

(3) Select how you'd like to follow the blog, then click the "Follow this blog" button. It is that simple, you are now a follower of the blog!

When you become a follower of a blog, the blog will also be added to your reading list on your Blogger dashboard.


You can just record my website on your list of favorites.

Thank you all for following me or visiting!

**Also, I love to get comments - click on the "comment" label at the end of each post and let me know what you think.

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