Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Tipping Box

Hummm what could the tipping box be? Is it about tipping people around the holidays? Not at our house. The tipping box is something we got on Christmas Eve on our long drive home from Aurora. This is how it goes...

We're driving down our street around 12:30am Christmas Eve night... early morning. As we pulled into the driveway I noticed I didn't see the mailbox. I turned around after waking from my 4 hour nap while Kolin drove home. What did I see.... the mailbox was flat on its side in the front lawn. I quickly jumped to conclusions... while we were away some kids must have had batting practise with our mailbox. I was totally irritated and just went into the house.

Kolin went outside to examine the damage while I went through the wet mail on the kitchen counter. He came inside to tell me that it was probably the way he installed the mailbox. See he didn't use any concrete. Maybe I should back-up even further... we moved to this house without a mailbox. The lack of a mailbox didn't even cross our mind until the Monday evening after moving day when neither of us got the mail. Anyway, the mailbox was a shotty installation and it needs to be reinstalled. That's not all the laughs that came with the tipping box.

The next day at Kolin's parents for Christmas we learned about their encounter with the mailbox. Kolin's dad had been bringing in the mail for us while we were away. One day as they were driving by then noticed that a man was pulled into our driveway. They drove to the house to see what he needed. The man was looking for the pastor that used to live in our home... this isn't the first time as another man woke us up on Thanksgiving morning with a pie for the pastor. My in-laws gave the gentleman directions to the preachers house and he was on his way. Then they proceeded to drive home. Just before the man turned onto the next street he made a U-turn back to our house. He stuck his head out the window and exclaimed that he did not run over our mailbox, but it was down when he arrived.

The day after Christmas Kolin went outside to try and get the mailbox up again. He jumped all over that dumb thing to get it standing in the ground again. I used my new iPod to take a video of him trying to get it standing again. I would share it, but it captures me laughing throughout most of it.

I hope you had a laugh at our tipping box- we sure did!

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