Sunday, January 10, 2010

Make me an offer... bench

This poor bench was in the garbage pile at a make and offer sale. The same day I got a chest of drawers and this bench. I hope to have the chest done soon, but this project was much quicker for this weekend. I got both for $7, so I guess maybe I paid a dollar for this bench? It had a caned top, but it was broken so I took it out. I had my handyman cut a piece of wood to fit in the hole so I could upholster the seat. I sanded and then painted the wood with black spray paint leftover from another project. Instead of buying an expensive piece of foam for the seat I used some quilt batting to form a cushion. I splurged on this fabric - $5 for a half yard. I cut the fabric and folded the batting in multiple layers. Pulled the fabric around each side and used the staple gun to secure it. Make sure to pay special attention to the corners. Here it is! It's slightly more puffy than I thought it would be, but still pretty cute for less than $10. It also provided me something to do on a Saturday night. I'm going to use it in the entry way to sit on when we put on shoes... so we don't have to site on the stairs. What have I inspired you to do? I wish I could find something to inspire me to finish taking down the bathroom wallpaper... I guess I might have to wait until all the furniture in the basement is refinished - either way it all has to get done! :)

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