Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bathroom Destruction

It has to get worse before it can get better, right? Well this is not the picture of my bathroom. The pictures following are. I found this picture to serve as a sort of inspiration right now. I think this is the direction I am heading for this room. I want to make sure we have a somewhat "manly bathroom" in the house. What better place than the downstairs bathroom by the most manly symbol- The Big Screen? I have to warn you... it won't be very manly, but will incorporate brown or gray or blue when it's all said and done.
I really like this dark brown, but I'm not sure since there is no window in the bathroom... humm... what do you think? We will have a pedestal sink - no more plastic cabinet!
My handyman "Stan" came over and got sucked into one of my projects. We took out the sink, toilet and 2 layers of vinyl flooring. I'm still removing a few more pieces of wallpaper and sanding the walls.
We still have the following tasks before we can put the finishing touches on the bathroom:
  • Refinish the walls, trim and paint (maybe put up wainscoting??)
  • Install the laminate tile floor with grout. I think I'm going to stagger the tile this time - sort of a brick pattern
  • Install ceiling tiles
I have wall sconces to replace these hanging from the wall. I probably would not have chosen them, but since the electrical was there I'm going with it.
See that pesky wallpaper where the toilet tank was... why did they wallpaper behind the toilet?? My handyman used a plastic cup instead of a rag in the toilet hole (is that the technical term for it??). The white on the floor is the glue and backing of the floor... how will I get that off?
I think that is a pretty nasty toilet... black mold growing inside it... Let's all make a point never to let our toilets get that nasty.
And again you see more traces of that pesky wallpaper. There are some places where the wallpaper took off the drywall. I guess we're going to be "muddin" and sanding some walls.
The floor was great - 2 layers of vinyl stuck to cement floor.
I guess I'd better get back to getting the last of the wallpaper off so we can start on fixing the walls. The projects just never end. I'm in the middle of painting some dressers for another project.


  1. wow! I didn't know you guys were redoing the bathroom! Where's the "before" pick? Can't wait to see it when it's all done!

  2. You can view some pictures at:

    I guess I should post a real before... but it was REAL bad.