Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pampered Chef - January Specials and Shows

As many of you know I love Pampered Chef so much-- I sell it!! I love that this is my hobby. I love cooking, baking and helping families and friends come together with great food. I'm going to start showcasing new Pampered Chef recipes - maybe even show pictures of when I make them.

I'd love to cook for you at your very own cooking show. If you're not interested in having a cooking show we can also get you some great tools by just having a catalog show (taking your catalog along to friends and family). Many of my friends and family have been cooking much more than ever because they have the right tools in the kitchen.

I am going to be placing an outlet order this weekend. You can view special outlet items by following these steps to my website:

Go to and follow these steps:

1. Click "SHOP ONLINE" (top right hand corner)

2. Select "PLACE AN ORDER"


If you'd like to host a show in January here's what you get - if you ask me it's one of the BEST months!

  • 50% more FREE product - my average host gets $140 FREE so how does $210 FREE sound??
  • Up to 2 Bamboo items for 60% off
  • Up to 4 items of your choice for 50% off
  • Any items you don't get are eligable for 15%-30%

AND you get 10% off any order you place for the rest of the year!! AND if someone books a party from your show you can get the host special the month they have a party. Really the rewards are amazing. I'd love to help you grow your kitchen and enjoy cooking more. Don't feel intimidated with cooking anymore.

Contact me to schedule your show or place an order - no matter how far away you are!

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