Saturday, September 12, 2009

Homemade Burpies

I'm always looking for a quick homemade project. This past January I went a little crazy and made over a dozen burpies for our new niece. I took store-bought cloth diapers and added fabrics and ribbon to customize them. Grace had one to match each outfit. It was also a good thing because she was a... "happy spitter" as her mum mum says - she threw up constantly!
Now that more of our friends are expecting or recently had kids I thought I'd better start my supply again. This was the first time I've had my sewing machine out in the new house. As I browsed through the ribbon and fabric I had on hand I noticed a package of white handkerchiefs. Oh... the ideas... how about smaller versions of my custom burpies. I remember thinking the regular size ones were practically a blanket when Grace was a newborn. Here's what I did:


  • Iron and fold the hankies in 3
  • Sew the sides together so they don't come apart - 2 quick seams on each side
  • Select the ribbon/ fabric and sew it on both sides or just one. Make sure to sew along all the sides.

I've tried this with iron on hemming tape, but if you wash and dry them more than a few times it comes off in the dryer... Maybe I should iron it on first so it's in place, then sew it... OH I'm good!!! That's what I battle most in sewing these... they don't stay in place.

My grandma has an embroidery machine... if she was closer I would have her add initials or other embelishments.

I also found this idea for a fabric basket I want to try:

Good luck making some for the new additions in your life!

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