Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Kitchen - Before and After

I realized that I started this blog after we did most of the rejuvenation to our home - it was in desperate shape to say the least! I'm going to do my best to take you through one room at a time. I hope you enjoy the pictures of the kitchen/ dining room! Yes, the island is moving... and it is 5'' shorter than the other counters. Yes, the first things I did in the kitchen was remove wallpaper and brass knobs from the cabinets. I think my MIL bet someone that the wallpaper would be down within 2 hours of closing on the house - she was right! I spray painted all 40 knobs a bronzed metal color to match the new light fixtures throughout the kitchen.
I try my best to reuse... so we reused the carpet in the "dining" area for the gray bedroom. We cleaned it after it was relocated. It was in good condition, so the green carpet got the boot - no where to reuse that carpet, but at the dump!
Kolin tried his best to get this crazy drapery pole down... it resulted in 4 huge holes in the wall. It's a good thing we ended up having to texture all the walls so we can no longer see the holes! Also, the sea foam green curtain is one of my favorite drop cloths.
The first thing that was installed at the house was DISH (see TV on the counter). I think the installation guys called us while we were still at the closing, Kolin might have to go to TV rehab someday.
This is the dining room after we did the following:
  • Installed a darker wide plank laminate floor
  • New crisp white trim
  • Textured the walls
  • Painted
  • New light fixture/ reused the others and just painted them with the same spray paint as the knobs.
  • The buffet was a find at the thrift store - $60 and a little black paint
  • The other furniture is from our old house. I'm still thinking of getting a rectangular table for more seating.
This is the kitchen finished. New knobs, floor, trim, appliances. It's just crazy to me that this is the same kitchen. I think the flooring is really what changed the look. I was hoping for more of a contrast in the wood floor and cabinets, but maybe I'll paint the cabinets someday.
I'm still planning on replacing the countertops and possibly extending the island. I am thinking of ordering the countertop longer than it needs to be and possibly build a small shelf underneath for support, while still allowing room for 3-4 bar stools. We have the room, but I still need to think through how this will work... and save for the countertops. Also, what material?? So many more decisions and so many more ideas!!

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