Thursday, September 10, 2009

Small Town Living

Some of you know that I am truly a suburban girl, but the man of my dreams convinced me to move to a "rural" location. This transition has taken some time and continues to test my adaptability. I will tell you there are some great benefits of living in a small town:
  • It has taught me to control my road rage... otherwise I will see that person at church on Sunday
  • I now know that the corn is not dying, but is feed corn and it has to dry out/ die before it is harvested... or something like that.
  • We only have one neighbor
  • When I was younger I would just throw anything on (Pajama Pants..eekk) to run to the store. My mother would of course yell about it but... now if I do that it will be in the newspaper. Delivered twice a week :)
  • I have been taught to wave at everyone when driving... even the police officer
  • The graphic designer at work also doubles as a beef and chicken farmer

We recently started purchasing local meat. First we started with part of a cow that is certified Humane and essentially organic, then we bought 1/2 a pig and now I'm buying fresh organic brown eggs. I have to tell you there is a difference!

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