Wednesday, August 5, 2009

$2 Bench... well okay $7

Another adjective for me is Thrifty. I have somehow convinced my husband to go to the thrift store on Saturday mornings to scope out deals. I think he does this for 2 reasons:
He gets a big breakfast on Saturday morning so he's up already
He's cheap like me: he would rather I spend $16 at the thrift store and keep me busy working on the project all day then let me go to the mall all day!
This is a picture of the $2 bench I found a few weeks ago. I of course painted it black, but I was also able to cover it with extra fabric I had from pillows I made a few years ago for the living room. I went to Walmart to find a cushion for it, but the foam cushion was $15, so I just went to the fabric section and bought quilt batting for $4 and folded it thick enough for the cushion.
I should also start buying spray paint in bulk - $.88/ can, but lately I've been going through 5 cans a week!
I think we can all love a $7 bench!

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