Monday, August 10, 2009

Inspirational Sayings

One of the ways I customized our old how was by finding a saying/ verse that I really liked... then put it on the wall. Now I know there are many companies and sites that offer vinyl lettering, but I'm impatient and can't wait for the mail. When I have something I want to do, I want to do it instantly.
I just paint it on with a paint pen. These pens are easy to find at the hardware or craft store. They also come in lots of colors. I've only used black and gold... so far :)

You must be thinking that I've got amazing handwriting, but wait I don't. Therefore, I turn to my husband's profession - TEACHING. Most of us remember the overhead projector. I use an overhead to project the image on the wall. Follow these steps:

1. Find the font you want to use. You might have to install it on your computer

2. Type the saying in word

3. Select the words and change the font to outline

4. Make the font as large as possible-- so it will fit on a page

5. Print the image on a piece of transparency paper (be careful when taking it off as the ink will smudge)

6. Put the transparency on the overhead and line it up the way you want on the wall. At this point you can adjust the size and placement. This is what I like about it - choose the size and arrangement you want.

7. I trace the image on the wall in pencil - just in case the projector gets bumped

8. Fill in what you traced with the paint pen color of your choice. I haven't tried using white yet, so let me know if anyone tries it.

This is the saying I painted in our foyer:

This is the "welcome" I painted on our front door. There are many places online that sell this for about $15, but all mine took was a $3 paint pen (didn't even use it all) and about 30 minutes. My grandma visited a few weeks ago and she liked it so much that she went online to order one.
My mother-in-law had me paint her house numbers on her freshly painted black door. She bought the gold paint pen so it would match the kick plate and hardware on her door. It looks pretty cute!

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