Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Guest Bathroom... Remodel

Here’s the before of this outdated blue and plastic (the vanity was plastic) bathroom… don't you love the ballerina border and the striped wallpaper. I actually thought about doing subtle stripes on the finished walls to keep at least one element from the room the same. I'm still debating... always something I can add later.
Do you see that the blue tub and surround match the toilet and the swirled seashell sink. One of a kind. It's especially cute to have a room where there are both ballerinas and safari animals.
Here it is ripped apart… but still blue and the inside of the mirror was OLIVE!!! Here it is today… More pictures to follow once I start putting the finishing touches on it. I can't wait for my towel holders, shower curtain and pictures to be hung. I also calculated the remodeling cost. This bathroom was done with NEW EVERYTHING (but the tub) for about $750. The refinishing of the tub ($550) is what put us at about $1,250 for the entire room. I still think that's a deal. Here's a breakdown of what we did:
  • New Vinyl flooring - I installed it with a grout line ($40)
  • New Trim
  • New Vanity ($199) and Sink ($130) and Faucet ($55)
  • Refinished Tub ($550)
  • Toilet
  • Mirror ($20) - got it on the clearance aisle at Home Depot
  • Paint - already had it from the old house bathroom - FREE
  • Light Fixture and bulbs
  • Hardware for the door, towel rods and toilet paper holder
  • Shower Curtain rod, rings and curtain
  • Reusing some towels from other bathrooms
  • I'm going to use the silver bowl I found at the thrift store for the back of the toilet I think!

Much more to come. I can't wait to post pictures of the room with clothes on. I thought you would all still appreciate the new clean look of the bathroom with the dirty work done. Thank you everyone who pitched in and helped or had ideas!

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